Console Wars Over: Xbox Makes You Great At Sex

An all-too-common sight for Xbox owners.

So, here’s an, uh, interesting little story — discount site VoucherCodesPro asked over 1,700 folks with gamers for partners how they would they would rate them “in the bedroom”. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

They also asked for the partner’s primary gaming console. That’s right, the console wars are officially over — we now know which console makes you best at sex. According to this very scientific study, 54% of Xbox users were described as “good” in bed and 22% were described as “excellent”. By comparison PC gamers only scored an 8% in the “good” category and 3% for “excellent”. Shameful.

Oh, by the way, news of this study was originally reported by a paper in Redmond, Washington. You know, where Microsoft headquarters are located. Ahh-hmmmm. Hey, who needs used games when you’re busy being an Xbox-powered sex machine, amirite?

via CBS Seattle