Contribute To Restore The Enterprise D's Bridge, Get Star Trek Collectibles

Remember that trashed Enterprise D bridge we showed you a while back? If not, here’s a dropkick right in the face of your childhood.

The good news is that, as we noted, a fan project was in the works to restore this set. And now you can give them money and get stuff in return!

Currently, the New Starship Project is running a Kickstarter to bring the bridge back to its former glory. Better, in fact: The goal is to turn the wrecked set into a full simulator of what it’s like to be flying the Enterprise, so, for example, sick kids can feel what it’s like to steer a starship.

And they’re using collectibles as a nice motivator for doing so. There’s the usual stuff: Throw them $20 and get a T-shirt saying “Captain, I Saved The Bridge” (with “SHUT UP WESLEY!” in smaller print). Throw them $25 and you get an isolinear chip, and for $50 you can have it engraved.

But more interesting are the various reward tiers: Toys in box, autographs, Megos, and other assorted donations such as an Enterprise shaped pizza cutter. If you’re a big spender, $100 get you a party on the bridge, and $1000 gets you a wedding on the bridge. $3000 will get you a romantic evening for two aboard the Enterprise, if you’re already married. Of course, considering the overall romantic luck of the bridge’s occupants, maybe that one isn’t the best idea.

OK, so some of the prizes are a bit goofy and we’re not sure this Kickstarter is actually tax-deductible, as they claim.

But it is neat, and it goes towards a worthy cause. Besides, who doesn’t want yet another shirt that verbally abuses Wil Wheaton?