Cool Mom Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘I Play More Street Fighter Than You Will Ever Know’

Jamie Lee Curtis starts talking about her love for gaming about 1:50 into this interview about Spare Parts, a movie based on the true story of four high schoolers who entered a robotics contest using scrounged car parts. Did you know she balances her love for bifidus regularis with her regular playing of Cammy White in Street Fighter?

That’s right, the actress who’s now constantly associated with yogurt instead of her roles in Halloween, Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda, that one scene in True Lies, etc. tells Fox 5 she “plays more Street Fighter than you will ever know” then gets downright indignant when the interviewer asks if she plays Ken or Ryu, as if those are the only two choices.

She also said she’s taking her son to a gaming convention (EVO, we presume) this summer to celebrate his high school graduation. Cool mom status achieved.

(Via Fox 5, Event Hubs, and ONTD)