Watch This Cop Viciously Faceplant While Chasing Topless Protesters Through The Streets Of France

A flock of topless protesters aligned with feminist activism group Femen was doing their topless protest thing in France over the weekend, toplessly protesting the “sexual exhibition” conviction of one of their fellow topless protesters (who was arrested for toplessly stabbing a statue of Vladimir Putin in protest).

At one point the topless protesters were streaking down a city street with a police officer in full riot gear in hot pursuit. That’s when the magical 13-second scene below unfolded, in which boobies are flying everywhere and the cop swallows more than the daily recommended intake of building.

Warning: Video is obviously NSFW.

Because funny things are always more enjoyable on a continuous loop, the fine people at the Daily Dot have put the mishap into GIF form:

(Via The Daily Dot)