Corey Feldman Follows Up His ‘Today’ Performance With A Pink Floyd Cover

Corey Feldman’s now legendary Today performance of his single “Go 4 It” may not have had the reception he hoped for when it viral two weeks ago, but you kind of have to hand it to the guy for not letting the goofuses of the internet get him down. Despite hurt feelings and a bruised ego, Feldman later went on to talk about how art is subjective, even going so far to thank the so-called haters for making his performance a hit.

To prove that he’s not ready to give up the dream quite yet, Feldman popped up Wednesday night at the Lucky Strike in Hollywood to deliver an impromptu performance of Pink Floyd’s classic hit “Money” for surprised onlookers. And according to at least one witnesses, it wasn’t even so bad!

“He was having a lot of fun!” the attendee recalled of Feldman’s surprise performance. “He was having a blast.… He seemed very lively and spent the night dancing around the stage,” the eyewitness tells Us of the fun night.

Another onlooker captured grainy video footage of the 10 minute performance, which can be seen below (visuals cut off about five minutes in) and it’s really not so bad. If this were someone I saw singing at karaoke, I would legit be like, you know what, this isn’t terrible.

(Via Us Weekly)