Corey Feldman Claimed To Be A Victim Of A Stabbing Attack, But Police Are Contradicting His Story

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Update To Previous Story: According to TMZ and Deadline, although Corey Feldman claimed to have been stabbed in the abdomen, there was no evidence of any laceration or cut. Police said that they were unaware whether or not Feldman suffered any other injuries, but there was nothing visible on his body, and he was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.
Corey Feldman was hospitalized early Wednesday morning after allegedly having survived a stabbing attack by three men. The former child star, pictured above earlier this month at the New York State Capitol in Albany to speak in support of the Child Victims Act, took to Twitter to reveal what had happened.

Feldman, 46, writes that a car had pulled up next to his car while he was with his security guard, and that one of the men opened his door and “stabbed him with something” while the guard was distracted. He accompanied the post with two photos of himself being treated in a hospital bed while his wife, 28-year-old Courtney Anne Mitchell looked on, distressed.

In a followup tweet, Feldman wrote that that the Los Angeles Police Department were investigating the stabbing as an attempted homicide, and that he believed that he was targeted by a group called the “Wolfpack” after receiving online threats.

Late last year, Feldman sat down with Megyn Kelly and claimed that people were trying to kill him over his yet to be released Hollywood pedophilia documentary. The following month, the LAPD began investigating Feldman’s claims of child abuse after the actor filed a police report — although no details were provided at the time.