Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

Jade (Mortal Kombat) and Nelliel (Bleach) photographed by Roman Trugillo.

It’s that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing costumes we’ve spotted recently. Some of it’s new; some of it isn’t; all of it is worth highlighting.

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Onward to the gallery:

Wolverine cosplayed by Lonster Mash. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

Wizard (Diablo 3) cosplayed by Monika Lee, photographed by SPJA.

The Villager (Animal Crossing) [so creepy] photographed by Jake Causier.

Link’s fairy from the Legend of Zelda cosplayed by Stella Chuu, photographed by Greyloch. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

Dalek (Doctor Who) photographed by Yves Tennevin.

Rule 63 Ashley Williams (Evil Dead) photographed by Dan Morrill.

Jet Set Radio Future cosplayers photographed by John.

“Another drug-crazed hallucination!” photographed by theno2fan. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

No-Face (Spirited Away) photographed by angry-teapot.