Could Robert Durst Of ‘The Jinx’ Also Be Involved In The Disappearance Of Two Teen Girls?

Robert Durst was arrested Sunday for the murder of his friend Susan Berman. He was never charged with — but is widely considered a likely suspect — the murder of his first wife, Kathleen Durst, and he says he killed and dismembered his neighbor, Morris Black, in self-defense, a crime for which he was acquitted. On the Sunday finale of The Jinx, he famously muttered that he had “killed them all.” But could “them all” include more than just the three we know about? Investigators are now looking into Durst for the disappearance of two teenagers in 1997.

In June of that year, 18-year-old Kristen Modafferi disappeared after leaving her job in San Francisco. Investigators placed Durst in the Bay Area around that time.

Five months later, 16-year-old Karen Marie Mitchell vanished after leaving her aunt’s store in Eureka, California. Durst allegedly visited that store multiple times while dressed in drag. A police sketch of a suspect appears similar to Durst.

Author Matt Birkbeck, who has reported extensively on Durst, insisted there’s a connection.

“Before these cases even came up before the public, he had been living this random bizarre lifestyle,” Birkbeck said. “Durst had visited with or seen Mitchell at a homeless shelter that she had volunteered at.”

Durst has been charged with the murder of Susan Berman and could face the death penalty.

Source: CBS News