This Couple Is So Into Each Other, They Miss A Robbery Happening Next To Them

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A rash of robberies is plaguing Billings, Montana, but one particular incident stands out from the rest. At the Tap Inn bar, one couple got so frisky that they failed to notice everything happening around them. Well, it happens. There’s not much like the rush of a first (or second) make-out session with a partner. Or maybe you recall the last time you were so blitzed that it felt like your first kissing encounter with a person. These two may have had both factors at work because they were completely oblivious as seen in this security video.

In this Tuesday evening clip, a group of three armed robbers — all wearing typical “disguises” of a bandana — waltzed right into the bar and demanded cash. They received an “undisclosed” chunk of change and split. They were never seen again, and it’s not looking good for eyewitness reports because this couple kissed and groped throughout the incident. The robbers were only a few feet away, but nothing could distract young, drunk love.

The Billings Police Department hopes someone will come forward to provide helpful information, but don’t look at this couple. They’re probably still sitting at the bar with chapped lips, wondering where it all went wrong.

(Via Billings Gazette)

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