Couple Steals Vehicle So Husband Can Make Court Date, And It Didn’t Even Happen In Florida

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Sonora Police Department

A Sonora, California couple: Teresa Castillo, 45, and James Manning, 49, are charged with stealing a 2001 Mitsubishi from an auto dealership in Redding, which the dealership was able to track to the Tuolumne County Courthouse, where Manning was appearing on charges of possession of a controlled substance. I don’t know what life choices got these two to this point, but if I look like this at forty-five then I probably have to do a lot more meth between now and when I turn forty-five.

From The Modesto Bee:

Officers responded and found the car with different license plates on it. A woman, later identified as Teresa Castillo, 45, approached the car. Police said she told them her husband had bought the car for $200 earlier in the day so they could drive to Sonora for his court appearance.

Police contacted Castillo’s husband, James Manning, 49, inside the courthouse, where he was appearing on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. At first, police said, Manning denied knowing the vehicle was stolen. But he later admitted it, they said.

Police also found — wait for it — marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside of the stolen car. I wonder if it at any point crossed the minds of these two that hey, maybe just don’t go to court today and instead of stealing a car to get there and putting the drugs inside the car, why don’t we just stay home and smoke pot? Bonnie and Clyde, they ain’t.

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