This Couple’s Instagram Is So Steamy That Their ‘Artsy’ Photos Keep Getting Yanked

Honestly, I think Valentine's Day is a pretty poor excuse to make an effort for your loved one. Caring for, surprising and doing what you can to make sure he or she know how much you appreciate them should be a regular thing. Once you find a real connection with that super special someone, nothing else really matters. Since meeting this little bundle of golden gypsy @sallymustang ☀️ she's been the source of my ambition to create something more than I have. She's literally changed my world – she's changed the way I see it. She's made me appreciate the beauty around me that I never really recognised before. She's motivated me to push myself and I have been. I know how lucky I am, I know how many people are constantly wanting to spend time with her and obviously I know why. When I'm with this gypsy, no matter what – it's all f??king good! and I appreciate it every time I wake up next to her, every time she kisses me, every time she laughs and every time she says something crazy (which is often). Valentine's Day is way overrated… 'Date night' is something the Gypsy and I created to make sure that no matter how much we both have going on with work – we put 100% of that afternoon/ evening towards one another and it's something we do weekly…. We usually spend half the day preparing a feast for us, we have a few drinks, we watch a sunset or appreciate nature in some way and then…. Well you'll be hearing a little more about date night tomorrow ahaha ??? I just love our love @sallymustang the words to describe what you mean to me simply do not exist, I'll forever be speechless ????

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Within the flurry of self-indulgent food and tourism photos one usually finds on Instagram, some accounts are voyeuristic gems where one can easily lose themselves while scrolling. Australian couple Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang have both crafted out solid audiences (he’s gathered 88,000 followers while she boasts 123,000). Both are painters with distinctive styles that somehow seem to blend into a cohesive unit. They both also practice the “sex is art” card, so their pictures tend to get a bit lurid.

To that end, Instagram has gone on a deleting spree for both accounts, for I guess some people don’t enjoy looking at two beautiful people having artsy, sex-ay time. Both Mitch and Sally claim to have been “deleted” and reported many times, but admit to crossing “boundaries” with a few photos. They’re a little upset about censorship, but also mourn the lost energy from setting the scenes. This NSFW image still stands, but the description will cause rampant blushing. These two also enjoy body painting.

Photos like these contain captions of their sex-ay time, which the masses appreciate. As long as these two aren’t pulling a Milli Vanilli with their art, they both appear to be talented painters who also have a way with words.

Seduction is always the best part, always! I know when I'm in a position of power… I'd just got out of the shower, I walked into my room with one hand holding the towel just so it covered my waist down, the other on the door handle. She was dancing, facing away from me and looking out to the view. I made a point of making the door slam, so that she could hear it over the music, and she did. She turned around and before she could say anything I moved towards her, I covered her mouth with both of my hands, dropped my towel and gently but firmly forced her body up against the wall of windows over looking the sea of twinkling street lights below. I positioned her face first up against the window and without warning, firmly grasped between her legs and gripped tightly. I stayed there for a moment then without saying anything, slowly guided my tongue from her shoulder up to her ear… Literally nothing else matters when I'm in these moments, it's like being in another world. This is when I create, this is when I'm in the studio, this is when I call my life mine, I create exactly what I want and I own it completely. I've found this place within my sex life and my art that's so different but at the same time, exactly the same. My appetite for sex has cost me a lot but it's taught me lessons that I could only learn through those hardship's. Sex is art, this is where I started being creative. I was never a footy or cricket guy, this was my creative outlet and I've pushed it just as far as I've pushed my art. Good news is, I'll never stop pushing either ? #gypsywhereyouat #happyfriday @sallymustang

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Here are some more photos from both Instagram accounts. These two enjoy a very interesting life together, and people enjoy watching it happen.

So much ☀️☀️☀️ @sallymustang ?? I'll be seeing you again real soon Byron ? @_m.g.r.a_

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