Of Course Somebody Shot A PS4 With A High-Powered Rifle

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11.14.13 10 Comments

It probably says something about our society that the first thing we do when some product we don’t need but really want comes out is destroy it to anger people on YouTube. But instead of lingering on that, let’s look at the YouTube video.

The most impressive thing is that, at first, the PS4… well, let’s just say it won’t save anyone’s life, but this guy accidentally disproves the whole “wobble” meme going around. Then, of course, they try it the other way and, well, see for yourself.

Probably my favorite moment in the whole thing is actually the DualShock 4 flying away in slow motion. It looks like an alien spaceship swooping away from a station blowing up.

To be fair, this isn’t actually a PS4 this guy bought, it was a PS4 donated to him for the specific purpose of getting its plastic brains blown out. So there is that. We’re sure the children he could have donated to will understand how important gun videos on YouTube are.

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