This Farm-Friendly Promposal Combines Woo And Moo

If the gritty real time documentary Clone High has taught us anything, it’s that promposals are serious business. If you’re going to ask someone to the prom (sometimes they have punch there!), it never hurts to have a bit of the ol’ pizzazz and razzle dazzle on your side. Or a cow you spray painted “PROM?” onto. That works too.

Come to think of it, haven’t we seen this brilliant plan in action before?



Tremendous. Yes, the Hugh Parkfield strategy was put into effect in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island where high-school senior Natalie DeCourcey deployed her plan to ask boyfriend Jacob ter Beek to the prom. Natalie’s moo-to-woo gameplan involved incorporating Jacob’s favorite cow from his family’s dairy farm. Y’know, cuz romance. She explained how this livestock-assisted promposal came to be in an interview with the CBC.

“I was thinking of just putting a cardboard sign around its neck to ask him to prom, but then his mom came up with the idea of spray-painting the cow,” DeCourcey said. “I was surprised that I was actually allowed to do that.”

(No, it wasn’t regular spray paint. The pink marking point is specifically for use on animals. Please don’t paint animals willy-nilly this prom season without looking into what you’re spraying first.)

It worked out, by the way. The combination of caps lock cow and romance caught Jacob off-guard. Not that we should all be in a state of catlike vigilance for cattle-based messages.

When ter Beek got home, DeCourcey popped out from behind the cow, and popped the question.

“I walked in the barn and I was kind of wondering why [the cow] was tied up, and I saw something on her, and I didn’t know what was happening,” said ter Beek. “It was a total surprise, I didn’t expect that at all.”

So if you need a promposal option in a hurry, just use whatever enormous animal you might have kicking around. It’s apparently a strategy that works.

(Via CBC)