Cowboys and Ninjas? Cowboys and Ninjas

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11.23.10 8 Comments

Some new clips from Warrior’s Way are out and I am morally (sexually?) obligated to report all ninja-based breaking news.  I’m calling the movie “Cowboys and Ninjas” though because they should totally capitalize on the Cowboys and Aliens audience. Warrior’s Way Cowboys and Ninjas stars Korean star Jang Dong Gun as . . . . wait, hold up.  Dong Gun?  AWE. SOME.  Er, where was I? (Besides thinking about dong guns?)  Oh, right.  Mr. Dong Gun plays a “warrior assassin” who is hiding out in the Badlands after refusing to perform a hit.
Also, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston, and Tony Cox are there, but damned if I know what they’re doing.  Danny Huston is wearing a silly mask, though, so you know he’s the bad guy (if the whole “being Danny Huston” thing wasn’t enough of a tip off).
Hit the jump for two clips and several pictures, including Kate Bosworth with a knife and (somehow) cleavage.

One more clip at GeekSyndicate.

Gimp mask. Arguments invalid. Et cetera.

More pictures at Collider.

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