Aww! Look At That Cute Crab! Wait A Sec, He’s Got A Knife!

The world can be a scary place. Disease, death, financial worries, knife-wielding crabs, pov– What’s that? Oh yeah, we have crabs ARMED WITH FRIGGIN’ KNIVES to deal with now. Yay.

The video you see of the stabby crabby above has been blowing up online. Probably because everyone can simultaneously relate to feeling like a crustacean in a world gone mad and also because the image is TERRIFYING! Modern self-defense techniques can’t protect you from crab attacks! These guys play by their own rules!

The cameraman in this clip seems relatively confident he can document the crab without getting slashed. Considering that the traditional concern is getting pinched, filming crabs has always held a hint of danger, but now there’s the bonus element of getting sliced and (time permitting) diced.

We can’t confirm that the cameraman didn’t spill blood everywhere after this clip came to a close, but we’re reasonably confident the standoff ended without the human getting stuck. It’s all laughs, fun and games for now, but what happens if the number of knife-brandishing increases? Could we all be in for some snip and stab? Here’s hoping a peace accord can be reached in the not-too-distant future.

(via Tastefully Offensive)