Stevie From ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Is Now A Lot Older And Almost Unrecognizable

In “people that have aged a substantial amount of years look different now” news, Malcolm in the Middle’s Stevie has gone from goofy, sarcastic bubble boy to “tattoo artist and writer” with gauges the size of the season 4 episode 3 plot hole when Hal says that his father wasn’t present at the dumping, but then in episode 7, Hal tells Francis he’s never been dumped. So really big gauges.

Yes, Stevie has aged, and the actor playing him, Craig Lamar Traylor seems to be doing quite well. But the main thing is that he looks different. So different, in fact, that on Twitter he lets his fans know it’s him when he tweets out pictures of himself…

Or he might actually be a third-person tweeter.

CLT’s still acting, with one of the leading roles in the upcoming 2017 thriller The Pick UpIn the ten years since Malcolm in the Middle, he’s getting new roles with his whole new look and… Wait a second. These tweets are over three years old!

This means that in the last three years, Craig Lamar Traylor has likely changed even more. Incredible. But a little more catch-up before we let our minds be truly blown by biology. After Malcolm ended in 2006, Traylor had parts in the movies Dance Fu and This Bitter Earth before his Tweets abruptly ended. What happened?

(Via Mirror)