Bryan Cranston Explained His Motivation Behind The Greatest ‘Your Mother’ Diss Of All-Time

Bryan Cranston almost broke the internet earlier this year when his Comic-con panel for Super Mansion went viral. In the clip, which you can see above, a Breaking Bad fan from Albuquerque asks the actor what he thought about his hometown. Without hesitation, Cranston drops a line about visiting the young man’s mother, then drops the mic like a boss.

The Breaking Bad actor stopped by the Nerdist podcast this week to speak on many topics, including the price of fame, his career choices, and the now infamous incident at Comic-con. Cranston replayed the moment to host Chris Hardwick. To Cranston’s credit, he prefaced by stating that he knew that an element of the Comic-con panels are to entertain the live audience.

This guy, this young kid, raises his hand and Zach points to him and he says, ‘Um…I’m from Albuquerque and I just think it’s cool that you shot there…’ and I knew that because he is the only person in this room, and probably watching that podcast, that was interested in my answer. If I said, ‘Sheldon’s Pub was a great place that I frequented often to get pints of beer’…you know, it’s like ‘Who cares?’ I knew I was going to give him a quick answer…and I don’t know what triggered it, but he just said, ‘Is there any place you liked?’ and it just came out. The place explodes, and he explodes with laughter.

In true Cranstonian fashion, though, the thespian just couldn’t leave the discussion without a parting shot.

“The fact is that I did mount his mother,” he revealed. “Over and over.”

(Via Nerdist)