This Crazy Car Accident Will Give You Yet Another Thing To Worry About On The Road

Keeping an eye out for potential hazards is definitely the most stressful aspect of driving, second only to being in charge of picking the music for a road trip. Well, after watching this video of a seriously strange car accident in China, you will have yet another reason to be paranoid on the road.

The video made the rounds on Reddit, and one redditor (rex1030) who speaks Mandarin was able to translate the commentary and explain how the hell this accident even happened. Surprisingly, it wasn’t “an invisible car.”

Mystery Solved: A telephone pole was being installed. There was a steel cable that was coiled on the road that (they believed) should have been no problem for cars going over it. The street sweeper truck on the right went over it and wound up the cable in the rotating cleaner. The other end of the cable was attached to the pole on the left of the video. The cable was brought taught and caused all that damage to the trucks and car.

The idea that one cable can cause so much damage is pretty terrifying. Stay safe out there, drivers.

(Via Boing Boing)

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