Seeing A Dinosaur Shoveling Snow Proves That Everybody Goes A Little Crazy During A Blizzard

We’ve seen our fair share of weird sights during major weather events in the past. Who can forget the Horse Head Bro who made his way through the streets during Superstorm Sandy? It’s hard to find the same kind of stuff during a snowstorm, especially a blizzard. Most people are content with staying inside until the damn thing is over.

But in Kentucky, they’re ready to shovel out and some folks are taking it as a sign to let their freak feathers fly. Or lack of feathers in this case (not historically accurate according to Neil deGrasse Tyson). This gent decided to don his best T-Rex costume and “Walk The Dinosaur” while shoveling his driveway. It was just a bit of goof according to a report at Fox News:

A video posted to Facebook by Amy Saxon White shows her husband, Cliff White, shoveling snow in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, while wearing a dinosaur costume.

“It was spur of the moment,” White, a member of the Army’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team, told Time. “I can’t go to work because of the snow, so I thought, ‘I’ll just have some fun. We’re all going to get a good laugh out of it.’”

As it turns out, though, Cliff was not the only one with a dinosaur costume. This is apparently a thing and many people are donning them to brave the snow. Take that, mother nature! You might’ve murdered the dinosaurs at one point (allegedly), but you’re not about to get them now. Oh no, no. Man will walk with beast.

(Via Fox News / Amy Saxon White)