This May Just Be The Creepiest ‘Nice Guy’ Email You’ll Ever Read

cubicle creep

What do you do if you have poor social skills and a bone to pick with a romantic rival? You write a cringey-as-hell email to let your enemy know that he will never be nicer or more thoughtful than you and to STAY AWAY from your beloved. Or at least this guy did. World, meet the author of what is possibly the world’s most cringe-inducing letter.

There’s not a lot of back story to this missive. The redditor who posted it in r/niceguys alleges to be its recipient and made it public so he could get advice about what to do.

Here’s the email in all its glory:

The poster says he’s never spoken more than four words to the sender and doesn’t know why the email was directed at him. Perhaps it’s something the co-worker just sends to anyone who starts there? Kind of like a fun welcome email? But, of course, it  could be much more sinister.

It must be stated that there’s a chance that this exchange is not authentic (but people wouldn’t just do that, right? Go on the internet and tell lies?), but it isn’t outside of the realm of other cringetastic emails that have been passed around before and if it is real, someone need to call HR stat.

(Via Reddit)