Creed’s Scott Stapp Is Totally Broke But He’s Definitely Not On Drugs, According To Scott Stapp

Creed front man Scott Stapp is tired of the lies, you guys. In a new video posted to the band’s Facebook page, the “Arms Wide Open” singer addresses some supposed claims that he was using a crazy amount of drugs and even just plain dead, and the fact that he was able to make an old-timey looking video for his fans proved that the latter was not true. As for the drugs and booze accusations from nameless people, Stapp claims that he was undergoing weekly blood and urine tests, “just in case.” Paranoid? Perhaps. A little whacked out of his melon? Maybe. But open and honest was the main theme to this video.

The biggest revelation of this all-too-personal video is that the guy is flat broke, living in a hotel and claiming that people have been stealing from him. He says that he’s “under some kind of vicious attack,” but he has no clue why, and so he has been auditing his company and personal finances. That’s how he realized that people have been stealing from him and not paying up on royalties, and that left him at the point that he couldn’t afford to eat for two days and wound up in the ER. The whole story is pretty incredible, but not at all surprising for someone who was a big star forever ago and pissed it all away.

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