While Society Gently Weeps: World's Creepiest Guitar Looks Like A 'Hot Babe' Mannequin

“HEY BRO WANNA COME OVER AND SHRED ON MY LADY? SHE’S WAITING FOR YA.” Such is the conversation I imagine happens every time Brian Krakow’s long-lost brother (If I’ve said stay away from the electrical socket once, I’ve said it a thousand times…) tries to impress his friend[s?] with Guitara.

Reads the Google Translate’d website from whence she came:

Look at the photos of creepiness built by Lou Reimuller. The guy became a mannequin on an electric guitar! Words builder: “With this, you can perform your guitar skill on the stage with a hot babe holding in your arm. Since she’s a mannequin, she will not mind how bad you pluck strings on her.” (Via)

And hey, if you put her on the dryer, she works as a vibrato for your lady, too.

(Via BuzzFeed)