This Zillow Listing For A Creepy House You Might Get Murdered In Is Terrifying The Internet

For just a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a prospective home buyer in Columbia, South Carolina. Browsing Zillow, you find what appears to be a charming four bedroom, three bathroom, 2,656 square foot “diamond in the rough” property selling for just $130,000. That’s $25,000 less than the “Zestimate!”

Okay, so reading further, you see that maybe it’s a fixer-upper being sold “as-is,” but that’s not nearly as worrisome as this one caveat:

Upstairs apartment cannot be shown under any circumstances. Buyer assumes responsibility for the month-to-month tenancy in the upstairs apartment. Occupant has never paid, and no security deposit is being held, but there is a lease in place. (Yes, it does not make sense, please don’t bother asking.)

And yes, you read that right. You, the prospective home buyer, should not bother asking about the mysterious tenant who is to live upstairs from you and never pay rent; and whatever you do, definitely do not start asking questions once neighborhood pets and children start to go missing.

The listing was first noticed by Bekka Supp on Twitter, who points out some other, shall we say “troubling” features of the property.

Seems like it could be the perfect setting for an upcoming season of American Horror Story: Upstairs Murder Tenant Garbage House. Hey, it sounds better than this election nonsense anyway.

You can peruse the entire listing here.

(Via Pajiba, Bekka Supp)

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