Not Even A Corpse Could Motivate Cronut Fans To Leave Their Place In Line

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First of all, it’s not 2013 anymore. Why are people in New York still committing so much time to waiting in line for (if we’re being completely honest) an only okay piece of pastry? Instead of waiting hours on end for a cronut like it’s a free Hamilton ticket, go grab a classic donut from the corner coffee cart for $2 and call it a day. Or try making one yourself at home. It’s like we’ve gone back in time to a year when a creative pastry combination was making city-wide headlines instead of a rat dragging a slice of pizza through the streets. Ah, what innocent times those were.

Now cronuts are making headlines for a far grislier reason than you might expect. In Soho on Friday, a group of excited soon-to-be cronut eaters were confronted with a tough life choice: stay in line for a pastry from the Dominique Ansel bakery or be driven off by a dead body that was discovered on a park bench in the area. According to The New York Postnobody left the line but one person did at least make sure the bakery knew that a dead body was unattended to on a bench outside their business. Which is just a courtesy, really. When the police arrived, it was discovered that the body belonged to that of a man who lived near the bakery and there was no malicious intent involved in his death.

The police also deduced that he had been dead for approximately 10 hours, which means that since the line started at around 6am he had passed away the night before and remain undiscovered through the night. For anybody who lives in a New York borough, the fact that nobody left a pastry line once it was revealed they were in the presence of a dead body probably doesn’t come as a surprise. That’s what New York values really come down to, right? Make sure the police are aware of any nearby criminal activity or unsettling behavior and then go right back to what you were doing.

That’s what one bystander tweeted anyway. Never change NYC…never change.

(Via The New York Post)

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