Crooks & Castles Really, REALLY ♥’s Drake

06.16.10 9 years ago 36 Comments

If you’re a concerned fan and are worried Drake may be victim of a flop for the release Thank Me Later, Crooks & Castles is here to comfort you. To support their “homie” (who sends them texts on their iPhones to reassure this fact), they do what any good friend does when a “homie” releases their debut album.

They purchase every single copy in the store. Best Buy to be exact.

Has the numbers game gotten that serious? Imagine if every company from Sprite®, Red Wing and hell yes, you too Young Money, all got their people involved for this type of tax writeoff campaign. That six-numbered debut wouldn’t so much of an achievement would it? Maybe the real question is is it really worth it? Is the album well-received enough to where his numbers don’t matter? Isn’t he the one who was supposed to redefine how a label operates with a new artist?

How many Cigs will TML earn? Isn’t that number just as important to sustaining a lively career? I won’t shy away from the sentiment that I feel it is wise to support what you believe in. But this just seems a little futile, unnecessary and uneconomical.

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