Crows Are Jerks And Capes Are A Pain: Here’s The Full ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Gag Reel

Last week we brought you a short clip of Thor: The Dark World’s gag reel (yes, even bloopers get trailers now) but now we can show you the whole darn thing. There’s definitely some fun stuff found within, such as the crew trying to get a pair of ornery crows to do their bidding and Chris Hemsworth having cape issues. Also, many many shots of Natalie Portman slapping dudes — you know, just in case that’s your thing.

Check out the cuh-raziest gags, flubs and bloopers from Thor: The Dark World below!

Damn, once again no Kat Dennings wardrobe malfunctions. Maybe the third Thor movie will be the charm.

via Vulture