Crying Chrissy Teigen Pours Milk All Over Herself After Burning Her Vagina With Pepper Juice

Poor Chrissy Teigen. After doing some cooking over the weekend, she made the mistake of taking a shower before washing her hands of jalapeno pepper juice. She may have scalded her vagina.

The punch card to the E.R. joke was a reference to an earlier visit to the E.R., after she cracked a bone in her foot while filming Lip Sync Battle.

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Then I cracked a foot bone. I regret nothing.

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Has anyone ever looked that good in a hospital bed?

Anyway, after burning herself with pepper juice, someone on Twitter suggested that the best way to relieve jalapeno pepper juice pain in one’s hoo ha is by pouring milk on herself.

So she did.

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I guess it worked.

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