Watch This Woman Get Caught Taking The Most Shameless Selfie At The Cubs Game

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05.04.15 40 Comments

There are so many things happening in this clip from Sunday’s Cubs-Brewers game. So many things we need to talk about.

1. The WGN cameraman who just happened to catch the moment. Yeah, merely a “coincidence.”

2. The annoying guy trying to photobomb. Because there’s always one of those in a group.

3. The Cubs play-by-play guy (Len Kasper) trying his hardest to not reference what just happened with “back to baseball” and “I love live television” comments.

4. The middle-aged woman who looks like she’s swiping on Tinder.

5. And, of course, the blatant attempt to expose cleavage. Shameless.

[Bob’s Blitz]

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