Cutting Laser the Hottest Living Room Accessory

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07.28.10 2 Comments

There are a lot of ways to class up your living. Reupholster that couch you got from the curb that gives people who sit on the left side an odd itching sensation. Frame some of your old-school Image and Valiant T-shirts and hang them on the walls. Or, have a laser that can cut glass using your very breath.

That’s what our good friend here has built; his very own CO2 laser, right there, in his living room. How does he collect the CO2? He exhales into a balloon and hooks that up to his laser. Granted, this isn’t something Martha Stewart would approve of. But she can kiss our collective nerd asses. This thing rocks. But how effective is it? Almost as effective as what we’ll do, in the night, to anybody who replies with “I’ma firin’ mah lazer!” Look no further for how terrifying that will be than the video beneath this jump, or you can just check out the Flickr set:

[ via DVice ]

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