A Guy Who Dressed As A ’12 Foot Long’ CVS Receipt For Halloween Got The Best Reactions At CVS

Of all of the great mysteries of the universe (the Bermuda Triangle, what’s in Donald Trump’s hair/taxes, why is even bad pizza still good, etc.) “why does CVS give you a comically long receipt” has got to rank, like, pretty high up there. At best it’s a cumbersome hassle to put away in your wallet, as worst it’s terrible for the environment. While we may be no closer to solving this mystery, one man named Jeremy Schneider made light of the ridiculous receipts by dressing in a “12 foot long” CVS receipt costume for Halloween, and then… going to CVS.

The reception he got, from last minute Halloween candy buying customers and CVS employees alike, was overwhelmingly bemused, as nearly everyone he encountered wanted him to pose for a picture. The costume was even functional! When Schneider made his way up to the register with his own candy purchase, he asked the cashier — who nearly lost it she she saw him to begin with — to scan his $1.00 CVS “ExtraCare” bucks rewards bar code. And it actually worked! He also made sure to note of his long receipt just from the candy purchase alone, which, again, was unnecessarily long.

Earlier this year, CVS gave customers the option of digital receipts, but as you can see here, clearly the paper ones continues to be a scourge.