This Dad Of Four Girls Has The Greatest Reaction When He Finds Out It’s A Boy

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We all know those parents who keep trying for a boy or girl after several children of the same sex. One parent not-so-silently suffers as they decide whether to keep cranking kids out. Usually, these families stop after a few babies and count their blessings, but this dad kept on trying. He so desperately wanted a son after four daughters that this gender-reveal party was a high-pressure affair. The heat was on, and one could tell that — in his mind — this was perhaps the last moment of truth. Everyone at the party knew what was on this guy’s mind, and he knew they knew. They knew he knew they, oh, nevermind.

Dad looked nervous as hell, and he almost didn’t want to cut into the cake. Sure, he loves his daughters, but oh my god, please let him have a boy. After a significant pause, Dad found the will to take the plunge, and whatever was inside indicated a boy is coming. In response, he passed the hell out. This was a glorious moment in one man’s life, and he may not remember it, but that’s why cell phones exist. Hopefully Dad will recover. He’s gonna need his full attention to help his son defend himself against four big sisters.

(Via BroBible)

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