This Dad Had The Funniest Reaction To His Teenage Daughter’s New Tattoo

Show me a father who has ever been overjoyed at the notion of his daughter getting a tattoo, and I will show you a goddamn unicorn. I say this from personal experience — not as a father, obviously — but as a daughter who has the better part of a lifetime of disapproving glances and exasperated sighs under my belt.

So I have to give credit where credit is due. When 18-year-old Ann Venezia of Phoenix, Arizona got an edgy tattoo of a knife on her forearm, she was understandably nervous to show her dad. But instead of yelling or screaming, or threatening to kick her out of the house, Ann’s dad instead decided to make fun of said “edginess” of his daughter’s new ink.

Ann tweeted her father’s reaction last week, which has since accumulated nearly 100,000 likes at the time of this writing.

Ann later told The Daily Mail, “I was able to keep it a secret for at least three weeks and was very anxious about my dad’s reaction because I knew he wasn’t going to be too happy about it.” She said that while her dad is definitely not a fan of tattoos, his reaction was at least funny to her.

Well played, Ann’s dad. Maybe if more dads were better at shaming, some of us wouldn’t be stuck with regrettable tattoos well into our 30s!

(Via Daily Mail)