Feel The Pain Of This Dad Who’s Been Terrorized Every Day With Nerf Gun Attacks

When it comes to tormenting your dad and creating a culture of foam-based fear in your home, it’s NERF OR NOTHING!® At least that’s the case for YouTuber XxxJOKRSKOPRxxX who recorded himself shooting his poor pops with a Nerf gun on a daily basis and has gifted us with a compilation of all the reactions provided by this remarkably, maybe too understanding human target.

The highlight reel, which clocks in at an efficient 60-second running time, features a steady parade of cruel Nerf-based assaults. Unlike other dads who might throw you through the window for this campaign of toy torment, this father takes the Nerf shots and responds with exclamations and threats of varying Britishness. (“Toe rag,” eh?) Dad sometimes darts towards the camera and its operator (RELOAD! RELOAD!) but it all appears to be in good fun. Full points to the dad for giving some excellent reactions. Moments as simple as the anguished “no!” that rings out before a Nerf projectile hits the patriarch’s crotch are what makes this thing so oddly charming.

We have the clip located above for your amusement and Nerf scouting research. For goodness sakes, keep the Nerf Rival Khaos out of the son’s hands.