Best Dad Ever Gets Cochlear Implant Tattoo To Support Deaf Daughter

Looking for the father of the year? You might have to go to New Zealand, where a dad shaved his head and got a cochlear implant tattoo in support of his daughter, Charlotte, who just got her second cochlear implant.

When asked about the gesture, Alistair Campbell played off its significance to the New Zealand Herald: “My love for her really,” he said. “Hey, my hair can grow back.”

The story has made waves, not only in Campbell’s native New Zealand, but as far afield as the United States, Germany and France.

Campbell plans on letting his hair grow back, but is willing to shave his head again if his daughter ever requests it, as well as for special occasions. The Campbell family has a history of hearing impairment. Campbell’s wife has a cochlear implant, and her son has also worn hearing aids. Charlotte received her first cochlear implant in 2013.

Other sweet details from the article: Charlotte thought the tattoo was cool, and she went from hardly speaking to anyone to becoming a “social butterfly” who can live an ordinary life after her first implant.

Charlotte’s mother hopes that her daughter grasps the significance of her father’s gesture when she’s older. I’m sure she will.

(Via New Zealand Herald)