Hilarity Ensues In This Dad’s Text Messages To His Wife After Their Son Puked In The Car

As one doting dad recently found out the hard way, being a parent is a messy job that is not without its trials and tribulations. Artist and entrepreneur Ben Patterson wrote on Facebook last week that it was his night to watch the kids, so he and his wife swapped cars so she could hang out with her friends. What a nice husband!

I just hope Ben’s wife got a couple of glasses of wine in her before receiving the following text message chain, which occurred after their son projectile vomited all over himself and the car, creating a noxious, horrid-smelling mess. But just how bad could it possibly have been?

Well, after Ben experienced what we now know as the Goonies effect, law enforcement ended up getting involved.

We have no clue what “rotting whale blubber” smells like, but I imagine it can’t be very good. At any rate, at least Ben was able to look back and laugh at what happened. And hey, he even learned a lesson!

Puke bags = mandatory for dealing with toddlers.

(Via Scary Mommy)