Daft Punk/Pulp Fiction Mashup Is Harder, Better, Faster, Motherf*ckin’ Stronger Than Other Mashups

Like any good journalist-turned-pantless blogger, I was a writer for my college newspaper. We churned out dumb provost article after pointless “banning smoking in the courtyard” article, but during one cycle, we decided to have a little fun (“fun”) and rank the school’s best bathrooms. Meaning, we wanted to waste the university’s money on printing out an entire page of toilet puns. I’ve sadly forgotten most of them, but I do remember the two Quentin Tarantino-themed entries: Reservoir Clogs and Poop Fiction, obviously.

If we had been more clever, we would have wasted our time putting together a wonderful Pulp Fiction/Daft Punk mashup, “Daft Pulp,” that combines scenes from the former and music from the latter. I’m in digital love with it, unlike Django Unconstipated, which I’d like to believe wouldn’t have made the poop pun cut.

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