Jon Stewart Rips Obama A New One Over Drones Hypocrisy

As you may have heard, a secret Justice Department memo unearthed by NBC News this week makes the legal case for drone strikes against American citizens on foreign soil. Many are pissed at Obama over the memo for his repeated assertions that his White House would embrace “transparency” on such matters, unlike the Bush adminsitration, which Obama has criticized repeatedly for its lack of transparency.

Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart took the president to the proverbial woodshed over the matter, summing up the White House’s apparent hypocrisy thusly: “We don’t mind you knowing about shit we do once we don’t do it anymore. We’re happy to share irrelevant information with the public. We told you we were going to be transparent, we just didn’t tell you it was going to be about the last guy’s secrets.”


Here’s part one…

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