‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy’ Dan Bilzerian Fell Prey To Gun Thieves, Thanks To Geotagging

Film/TV Editor

This past weekend, Dan Bilzerian did his best to live up to his “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” nickname. He had dinner with some attractive ladies and shot some guns. He also made a big fuss about eating pizza on his private jet while indirectly admitting how he luxuriates off his father’s allegedly dirty money. Bilzerian had to give his photo caption a little “Earl Goodman” reference to the wild world of Dodgeball. So slick.

The difficulty with Bilzerian’s lifestyle (besides the alleged STD risk, which he comes by honestly) is how he’s very open to broadcasting his whereabouts. People can easily figure out where he’s partying down because he loves to geotag his Instagram photos. It’s much easier to find new babes when they know where you’re at, so Vegas, Italy, and New York all regularly appear on his feed. Bilzerian also enjoys posting photos of all his guns, such as this photo from inside his gun room.

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