‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy’ Dan Bilzerian Allegedly Got Rich Off His Dad’s Illegal Assets


“Instagram’s Biggest Playboy,” Dan Bilzerian, keeps the dream alive every day with his 12 million-strong following. The guy parties in such a non-stop manner that he’s given himself two heart attacks, no joke. Last time he popped up here, Bilzerian was rationally explaining how he gets lucky through his Instagram page. All he has to do is open up his direct messages, and it happens. Yes, this makes no sense, but money talks.

The lingering question, however, is this — exactly where does Bilzerian’s money come from? Officially, his job is “professional poker player,” and he claims to have won more than $100 million over the years. Yet, he never posts any photos of himself in chip-wielding action. He’s too busy skipping leg day, partying with your wife, throwing porn stars off roofs, and running for president to engage in his so-called job. Someone must be paying for the endless summer full of private jets, yachts, and helicopters.

Long-standing rumors will tell you that Bilzerian’s trust fund finances most of his exploits. Vice magazine dug in deep in an effort to detail the shady origins of this money:

“One other reason Dan Bilzerian has made so much money: He had a ton of it to begin with. And that money wasn’t exactly clean. Public records reveal that Dan Bilzerian has been a party to a byzantine network of corporations, companies, and other business formulations designed to protect the assets of his white-collar criminal father Paul Bilzerian from the government, and that the 34-year-old Instagram star has been a beneficiary of trusts established by his old man in the ’90s – at a time when dad owed tens of millions of dollars to the feds.”

The report goes on to detail Paul Bilzerian’s maneuverings, which led to a fraud conviction and 13 months served in federal prison. The elder Bilzerian still owes millions in back taxes. Court records note the use of offshore accounts, which funneled assets into “a complex ownership structure of off-shore trusts and family-owned companies and partnerships.” This money remains immune to creditors, including the IRS, and Dan Bilzerian remains a beneficiary. Vice makes a convincing case for those willing to wade through the numbers.

In the meantime, Dan Bilzerian has been posting photos of his mad money and, as always, his irrepressible party lifestyle.

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(Via Vice)