An Old Dan Crenshaw Tweet In Which He Mocks California’s Power Outages Resurfaced During Texas’ Freak Winter Storm

The south is currently undergoing a freak winter storm, with states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona experiencing the coldest and harshest weather in decades. As of this writing, 23 people have died and millions are without power. Most of the latter live in Texas, where outages have lasted hours or even days. It’s a horrifying situation — and a reminder that some Republican lawmakers in these states weren’t exactly empathetic last summer, when California was suffering power outages.

One of them was Dan Crenshaw, the Texas representative who sometimes tries to take a measured and mature stance and other times makes mini-movies in which he fantasizes about leaping out of airplanes and beating up antifa. As the western state was plunged into an energy crisis, he thought it was time to take action — which is to say to mock AOC and the Green New Deal gang.

So when Crenshaw’s constituents were suddenly experiencing their own energy crisis, people couldn’t help but remind people about his callous words.

And then there was, of course, Ted Cruz, currently the most frequently mocked member of the GOP. One of his old tweets also resurfaced, in which he too tried to pin California’s woes on the left.

While a lot of people dunked on Crenshaw and Cruz, and deservedly so, some took the high road, hoping it would be a teachable moment — albeit for a group of lawmakers who tend to not learn.

Hang in there, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and anywhere else dealing with unusually cold temperatures and snow. And we hope you one day get politicians who don’t belittle the suffering of others.