‘Dark Souls’ Invades The Comic Book World

01.20.16 4 years ago

Dark Souls is an odd franchise to come out of modern day gaming. It’s unapologetic in every respect, with hard-as-nails difficulty, an elaborate game world you have to piece together for yourself, and the barest whisper of a plot you’ll have to figure out from item descriptions, boss names, and other hints scattered around. That makes it a strange source for a comic book, but it’s happening anyway.

The comic’s coming from Titan, with art from Alan Quah and writing from Titan’s Doctor Who stalwart George Mann. It’s not clear what timeline the book will follow from the games, although there’s plenty that it could expand upon.

The main question will be how effectively the comic captures the tone of the games. These are some dark and mysterious adventures, full of vague hints about epic events far in the past. They also don’t share much in the way of plot threads from game to game, although the series is consistently set in the same world, and it appears Dark Souls III will continue the trend. But, if nothing else, watching Quah, a detail-focused artist, lovingly draw murderous giants and ruthless knights should be a fun read, and it’ll sate your need for Dark Souls before the game drops. The comic arrives on April 6 and the game on April 12 in Europe and North America.

(via PC Gamer)

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