“Dark Tower” Probably Dead According to Ron Howard

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11.04.11 2 Comments

“The Dark Tower” had problems of ambition right from the very start. A series of movies? OK. A miniseries? OK. Both? Uh-oh.

And, not surprisingly, it started running into budget trouble almost immediately, but Imagine, no stranger to beloved properties taking forever to be made, started rewriting it and got HBO on board for the miniseries part. So, hooray, Roland is going to get his fingers chomped by weird lobster things soon, right?

Yeah, uh, according to the guy running the show, Ron Howard…not so much. There’s no schedule in place and they’re still rewriting the script to cut the budget and make it manageable. This is generally Hollywood code for “We’re hoping it’s going to happen, but if even one thing goes wrong, forget it.”

So, maybe we should look into petitioning for an anime or something.

[ via the ka-tet at Blastr ]

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