Darkness Hath Passed Away And The Season Approacheth

09.01.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

Tomorrow, thankfully, is the last in a seemingly interminable series of benighted spring and summer Sundays devoid of the NFL. All the trappings of summer – going to the beach, summer romance, catching junebugs, summer movies – are overrated and gladly behind us.

Each week, starting Thursday in Indianapolis and extending until the pointless week between the conference title games and the Super Bowl, we’ll have at least some NFL action to sate our voracious bloodlust and to stave off any lingering desire to speak to our loved ones. Unless they have some useful gambling advice, which they seldom do.

KSK will be on location in our houses in Indy Thursday for a full day bukkake to mark the kick-off of KSK: Season II (Season I available on DVD everywhere construda is sold). We anticipate an orderly first game, which will eliminate the need for a violent bloodbath.

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