Darrelle Revis Receives ESPN’s ‘E:60’ Treatment

On the eve of the start of the 2013 NFL season, ESPN’s E:60 takes a trip to “Revis Island.” Only there were no palm trees or beautiful oceans in sight.

The 10-minute clip chronicles the life and times of Darrelle Revis and his rise from a small Pennslyvania town named Aliquippa, which moonlights as a NFL legend factory having already produced the likes of Tony Dorsett, Mike Ditka and Ty Law. The normal song and dance for many pieces similar to this, Revis describes his upbringing in a town ravaged by poverty, violence and drugs, but held together on tight-knit bond of family being each other’s keeper.

His love then eventual very public divorce from the Jets is explained in detail making for an added dose of irony. Darrelle is expected to start his first game as a member of the Bucs on Sunday when those same Bucs take on those same Jets.

My instant, in-depth, expert analysis?* Geno Smith tosses one directly to Revis and he take it to the crib. And the people of Aliquippa celebrate on 7th Avenue like its Mardi Gras.

* – By expert, I mean a guy who is often wrong, but still doesn’t let that deter him from making predictions regardless. So, yeah, an expert.


Photo: Getty