Darren Rovell Is Still Policing Twitter, Douchebagilly

When we last checked in on dildo-ish CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell, he was sending obnoxious direct message notes to prominent people on Twitter — Letterman head writer and executive producer Justin Stangel and NBC’s Chuck Todd among them — telling them that they were doing Twitter wrong, according to Darren Rovell’s Rules of Twitter. Among Rovell’s rules:

Only follow your friends if they have something you want to hear. Facebook is for friendships.

Don’t tweet that you are bored. Now I am too.

Don’t tweet and drive. Unless you are very good at it.

Yes, Darren Rovell is that impossibly insufferable.

Anyway, since the exceedingly hair-gelled noisemaker caught a lot of heat from his last high-profile Twitter policing incident, you’d probably think that maybe he’d tone it down a bit? Well, if you did think such a thing, you’d be wrong.

Yes, the corporation-whoring man who never leaves home without his trusty division calculator became peeved yesterday when an app on Deadspin founding editor and current New York magazine scribe Will Leitch’s phone accidentally tweeted how many miles he ran on his morning jog.

As someone on Twitter pointed out, and I sadly forget who it was, this was perhaps the quintessential Darren Rovell tweet — a perfect blend of arrogance, condescension, and jock-sniffing.

For his part, Leitch responded with a shot at Rovell’s penchant for tweeting about his meals — the one thing you’d think would be at the top of any “How to use Twitter” rule list compiled by a non-clownish tool.

So now you kids know that, even though it’s the holiday season, Darren Rovell is still out there — ever vigilant, always watchful, protecting Twitter users from themselves, one a$sholish remark at a time. In other words, you can sleep easy tonight.

UPDATE: Leitch wrote something on Deadspin about how Twitter is driving Darren Rovell insane.

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