Darren Rovell Is Still The Worst, Is Now Narc-ing On College Kids Who Crack Jokes About Him On Twitter

It’s been a while since we checked in on soulless corporate whore/self-proclaimed Twitter cop Darren Rovell. Truth is, he’s such a repugnant sh*t-stain that we stopped following him a long time ago and tend to go to great lengths to avoid having awareness of his existence soil our time on Earth. But there are some things we simply cannot ignore, such as the downright reptilian bit of snitching of Dildo McBranding pulled on Twitter this afternoon, and it all started with a KSK post by PFT Commenter.

Here’s how it went down: PFT Commenter tweeted out a link to his post. In response, a Twitter user named “neilla” in Ann Arbor, Michigan cracked a fairly dead-on joke about Rovell, who in all likelihood does indeed respect the Nazis for their effective branding methods, mass-murder aside. Rovell then said he’d forwarded neilla’s tweet to someone on staff at the University of Michigan, where neilla apparently attends college or works.

Darren Rovell is the dickhead RA from your freshman year dorm — on steroids.