This ‘Creep’ Dad Received Death Threats For Taking A Darth Vader Selfie

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05.12.15 14 Comments

A concerned mother in Melbourne, Australia, took to social media to expose the male “creep” who took a photo of her children at Target in the Westfield Knox Shopping Centre. The thing about that is, no, he didn’t. Last Wednesday, the unnamed mom wrote on her Facebook, “He said ‘hey kids’ they looked up and he took a photo, then he said I’m sending this to a 16 yr old.”

The man in question did take a photo, but it wasn’t of her kids; it was for his children.

“As I was walking out of Target I saw a very large Darth Vader cut out for taking photographs. It said ‘May the 4th be with you’ – and I’ve got three children and they love all that Comic-Con, Supernova, science fiction stuff,” he said.

The man said he took a quick selfie and saw a number of kids sitting down nearby and lining up to get their photo taken. “I said ‘I’ll only be a second, I’m taking a selfie to send to my kids.’ There was no parent present. (Via)

The mother, believing this peak dad (“supernova, science fiction stuff”) was doing something inappropriate, took a photo of him as he was leaving the store, and shared it online. Once he got wind of what happened, the man, who reportedly received death threats, “immediately drove to Knox Police Station to identify himself.” An area detective, commenting on what happened, implored concerned citizens to “contact police and report the matter as opposed to turning to social media.” Or else every middle-aged selfie-taker at Disney World will be shamed online.

Only a third of them deserve to be.

(Via the Daily Mail)

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