Kylie Jenner Was Not Pleased With Dave Chappelle’s Jokes About Caitlyn Jenner

Kardashian/Jenner jokes at a stand-up show are a dime a dozen. They’re as tired as airplane food observations, but leave it to Dave Chappelle, who recently was seen singing Radiohead’s “Creep” at a Portland strip club, to make news telling them. Saturday night at the Hollywood Palladium, during his third sell-out show in Los Angeles in a row, Chappelle spent “at least six to seven minutes” on Caitlyn Jenner… with Kylie Jenner in attendance.

[He talked] first about Bruce Jenner… saying he was old enough to remember Bruce as a “Superman” who was “beating Africans” in track and field back in the ’70s. He said he knew there was a change coming though after a run-in with Kanye West. “I said, Kanye… why the long face? And Kanye replied, ‘Man, you’ll see.'” (Via TMZ)

“That line brought down the house,” according to TMZ, but one person wasn’t laughing: Kylie (even her boyfriend, Tyga, who was also at the show, couldn’t help but chuckle). She reportedly “kept a straight face through the entire bit.”

Chappelle has been criticized for his jokes about transgender people before, like when he told a “strange, awkward story” about “seeing a drunk ‘transvestite’ at a party, mocked her, and complained about having his pronouns corrected when he referred to her as ‘he.’ He maintained that he should be able to use whatever pronouns he wanted.”

R. Kelly doesn’t agree, because he still has no idea who “he” is.

(Via TMZ)

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