David Arquette Is Out To Purchase One Of The Most Famous Strip Clubs In America

David Arquette has pretty much done it all in life. He’s starred in dozens of movies, held the WCW heavyweight title for a period of time, married Courtney Cox, divorced Courtney Cox, and now he’s looking to buy a strip club.

According to TMZ, Arquette is secretly negotiating for Crazy Girls on Sunset Boulevard. Although I’m not sure how much of a secret it is since I’m writing about it. From TMZ:

Sources close to the negotiations tell us … David and his partners have offered $1.6 million to buy the club. We’re told the current owners want $1.7, so they’re close.

David’s plan … no more $1 bills y’all. We’re told he wants to create an upscale burlesque club with an old school Hollywood feel to attract big spenders.

David knows the biz … he already owns a piece of two of Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs, Hooray Henry’s and Bootsy Bellows.

A burlesque, you say? Old school Hollywood? Does this mean the end for the “best club” in Los Angeles? Probably not. But it did lead me to read some of the hilarious Yelp reviews for the joint.

Who are these people writing Yelp reviews of a strip club? I’ve been in places with lawn furniture and women with growths on their faces. Places where someone’s job entailed walking around with a can of air freshener to fight off the stripper funk in the air. If these women need to have a “reality check about cleanliness,” I don’t know why you’re going to Yelp about it.

That said, if Arquette puts in a breakfast buffet, I’m there. Ron Swanson was not wrong with his wisdom regarding breakfast buffets.

(Via TMZ)