David Beckham Throws A Very Handsome Party In Guy Ritchie’s New Whisky Ad

Like most bigtime celebrities, David Beckham is a man looking to branch out beyond simply being a former soccer superstar and underwear bulge model. Earlier this year, Beckham, his manager and booze empire Diageo launched Haig Club whisky, which is presumably a top shelf brand because the man wears jackets more expensive than my home and it comes in a nifty blue bottle that would totes look cool with a yellow highlighter in it. And to prove just how high end it is, Beckham recruited his pal and filmmaker Guy Ritchie to help make a film entitled Welcome, which is being released today with the “official launch” of Haig Club.

The film weaves together a series of epic journeys made between a group of friends through the Highlands, as they head towards a Scottish estate.

The action culminates in an iconic toasting ritual with Haig Club at it’s heart, showing our group toasting their friendship and camaraderie in front of the Scottish Loch they have been venturing towards, before revealing the same toasting moment across a number of stunning locations across the globe. (Via YouTube)

So it’s like that time when Friends went to London? Sounds awesome. Pass the Haig Club and a can of Cherry Coke Zero.